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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Game On

I submitted my score today for this week's Game On Challenge, a month-long fitness competition played among the support of my friends here in San Diego and in Oregon.  When I say support,  I mean the trash-talking, name-calling, gauntlet-throwing kind of support.   Game On's mantra is for players to "Kick Your Friend's Butt While Shrinking Your Own!"
GameOn! was invented by Az Ferguson to co-author, Krista Vernoff, lose her pregnancy weight.
Succinctly put, Game On! turns the process of getting mentally and physically fit into a fun, fierce, wildly competitive GAME that brings people together and gets results. Whether a player wants to lose pounds, tone up or just change an unhealthy lifestyle, Game On! is the most fun that can be had accomplishing those goals
Game On is a fun way to build a support system around your fitness and weight loss goal.  I think this is our 5th round (one month on, one week off, etc.)  The rules are pretty simple, and I promise to go into them more in another post.  If you are dying to learn all about it you can visit the website.  The book is available on Amazon and at most book retailers.

This program is great for people wanting to build a foundation for healthy eating and daily exercise.  The program also leaves room for real life living and eating.  Gotta love that!

Right now we are divided into two teams:  The Bayou Babes versus Erster PoBoy and The Crawmamas.  You may be picking up on the NOLA inspired names.  After a weekend of gumbo, crawfish, oysters, gumbo, po-boys and more gumbo at the New Orleans Jazz Fest earlier this month we felt that the team names should remind us why we needed this round so badly.

Our team, by the way, is ahead with one week left to go.  We've got this in the bag.

I woke up this morning with the house still smelling like vanilla from yesterday's Tart Cherry Vanilla breakfast, so, of course, I had to repeat.

It may not look appetizing but trust me it tastes like cherry pie.  I mix a 1/4 cup of Fage to give it that creamy yum factor.  I had another hectic day ping-ponging all over town.  Lunch today was spent with Kevin and Steve from Just My Ticket at the "it" lunch spot for business people in North County.
Just My Ticket is a locally owned company created to provide its members with valuable and timely offers that are specifically tailored to their interests. The service is free to members, though they may incur fees from their cell phone provider if receiving offers via text messaging. Just My Ticket works with entertainment venues, including concerts, live theater, sporting events, restaurants, nightclubs, spas and many others, to help them sell seats or appointments that would otherwise go unused.
If you love being in the know on events and happenings in San Diego and like getting a discount or two, subscribing to their service is easy and free!

Harry's Bar was buzzing with activity and walking in I knew I would have to dial in the will power as plates of pasta filled each table.

Ken, of course, had lasagna.  I had to have a bite and about died.  It was that good.

Instead, I got a grip and enjoyed my seared Ahi and mango salad with balsamic vinegar.

The Ahi was fresh and sushi grade but I just could not get my mind off Ken's lasagna.  I shouldn't have had that bite.

I always enjoy getting together with Kevin and Steve to brainstorm ideas on promotions for the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival.  They are smart, creative guys, and lunch with them is usually 70% laughter, 30% business.

Later that afternoon, I had my first golf lesson with Michael, Ken and Jolee and golf pro Kim.  It was, well, let's just say I have a long way to go.  I absolutely hate not being good at something and Jolee really showed me up.  My super secret plan is to practice as much as possible in the next two weeks so that I can at least make contact with the ball.

 After golf I was craving sushi so Michael and I headed to Tabu for sushi tostadas, rancho rolls, and afterburners.  Tabu's sushi is filled with jalapenos so you have to like it hot!

I always tell the sushi chef to make a roll, his choice, without rice and without tempora.  Other than that, I pretty much am open to anything.  Here's what Phillip came up with:

Hamachi, Ahi, avocado, spicy crab, cucumber, ponzu, jalapeno and a little lime. 

 It was a big bite of sushi...

Michael took over on the afterburner and the rancho roll:

We got home and after a quick walk, it was clear that someone was ready for bed.  Hunter looks like he's laughing at me.  Maybe he's thinking about my workout last night to Jillian Michael's?

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Chef Deborah Scott from Island Prime / C-Level to discuss her participation in the Festival.  Chef Deborah is amazingly talented and has shifted a lot of her cooking philosophy to incorporate more healthy preparation.  I can't wait to learn more!

My Good Earth tea quote tonight is:
I make the most that comes, and the least of all that goes - Sara Teasdale


  1. Michelle, I have decided the best way for me to eat healthy is to move next door to you and have you just double all your recipes everyday! I have three of Jillian's DVD's does that sound like a fair trade????

    Luv2ya ~Brigid

  2. Hey Michelle - saw your blog through Chef Scotty's post on FB! Looks great :)

    "Life with dressing on the side" HA!


  3. Ashley - you were part of the inspiration for that one!