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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Heart Jillian Michaels

On Saturdays the Little Italy Farmers Market or, corrected, Mercato takes place.  Ken and Jolee go pretty much every weekend and I keep telling myself I need to find out how to make this part of the routine.  There is a wide variety of fresh produce, fish purveyors and vendors like Heartland Harvest.  They make prepackaged breakfast and main courses all with whole grain foods at the base.  This morning, I made the Tart Cherry Vanilla breakfast cereal which is organic millet, organic dried cherries and their blend of spices.  It took 30 minutes to make and 3/4 of a cup is 251 calories. 

This was actually very good and made the whole house smell of vanilla.  I added 1/4 of a cup of Fage to mine and 1/2 tsp of Agave to sweeten it a bit.

The rest will be put in the fridge and make repeat appearances throughout the week, either added to yogurt or heated with a tiny bit of nonfat milk.  Be careful with their calorie count on the packaging versus what is online and also note that the directions for rice cooker prep is a bit confusing.   Cook it the old fashioned way, on the stovetop, and you will be fine.  Heartland Harvest products are very reasonably priced.  This package cost $4 at the Farmers Market but you can also order online.  Visit them at

No morning workout today and no Evil Training Monster to contend with.  In fact, today was spent at my desk in a mad dash to finalize our line up of celebrity chefs appearing at this year's San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival.  I've never been good at waiting to give gifts.  When I have something for someone, the anticipation of their surprise is too much for me to wait until the birthday, holiday, etc., to give it to them.  I have to, I must, get the instant gift giving gratification so a lot of times "prizes" purchased early in February for a birthday in June get given in March.  You get the picture.

Well, I can't exactly do that here but I am dying to let everyone know about superstars coming out for this year's Fest.

In between agency chats and drafting agreements I squeezed in time for a little lunch. 

I made a spinach salad with cucumber, broccoli and sweet peppers, and a few of the left over cumin black beans from hubby's taco night.  I added about 1/2 of a can of jalapeno and garlic tuna from Oregon's Choice Gourmet Albacore.  Our friends Josh and Debbie live in Oregon and introduced Jolee to this product.  The tuna is packed in its own natural oil and is the best tasting canned tuna I think I've ever had. 

Their tuna and other products can be ordered online at  A few details from their site on Albacore:
Albacore is an excellent source of protein, is low in sodium and contains the highest concentrations (2.1 g per 3.5 oz serving) of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids in the tuna family.  Regular consumption of Omega-3 rich fish such as albacore has been linked to reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, reduction of depression-related symptoms, relief from arthritis pain and a lowering of blood pressure. 
MERCURY is not a concern for the young, fat albacore we offer exclusively with our products. 
The company's hook and line Albacore fishing method is certified as eco-friendly by the Marine Stewardship Council via the American Albacore Fishing Association.  The cans are pricey and run about $5 each but worth the quality.

After my salad I was really craving something sweet so I indulged in a bar of chocolate that I had picked up from Starbucks a couple of weeks ago.  I've slowly been eating one. tiny. cube. at. a. time.

Today I had three.

It is 50 calories for three tiny squares.  The chocolate is very rich and dark so after three pieces I've about had it.

A few hours later, Michael and his partner Kelly brought me an afternoon iced Americano which came just at the right time.  I was starting to feel a bit of the afternoon drag and wanted to have energy for a good workout.  I powered down the coffee and treated myself to a snack before jumping into workout gear and driving to the gym.

A pear, peanut butter and low fat string cheese.  After this, I felt ready to conquer Step at 24 Hour.

Only, I didn't quite make it to the gym.  I had every intention but traffic was horrible getting home, then my dad called and I got to talking to him and my car just sort of headed to the grocery store instead.

I decided tonight would be a Jillian night.  And yes, I heart hate heart Jillian.

What I love is that on days where the gym just does not fit in, I can come home, put in her dvd and get a serious workout in 45 minutes.  So, while dinner cooked, so did I.

In the middle of the workout, Michael and Hunter came home which was pure comedy.  Anyone who has ever worked out to a dvd in the middle of their living room understands this.  I know it sounds crazy but I always feel a little out of place and awkward when I work out like this at home.  I make myself do it and I absolutely work up a sweat but I still feel like there are judges behind me with scorecards waiting to tell me what a fool I look like when I turn away from the TV.

So, Michael home added more audience to my fumbling though he kindly went into another room to work on the computer.   Hunter just thought my jumping jacks and side kicks meant it was time to play.  When he wasn't pushing his green bone at me he sat there with his head cocked in what I can only assume was pure bewilderment.  I wonder what he thought I was doing?

So yes, I heart Jillian.  Tonight dinner got much love too.  I made yet another recipe from Cooking Light (also on the recipe page of the blog).

Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Fresh Green Beans
Garlic Peppercorn Crusted Tenderloin with Port Sauce

My picture does not do it justice but let me tell you, it was G double O-D.  I rarely make red meat but these thin cuts of beef tenderloin were perfect for this dish.  And, of course, a salad.

I'm ready for tea and bed AND an early morning workout tomorrow.  My Good Earth Spiced Tea fortune for the night says:
One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade
 I suppose that depends on what type of trees we plant?  


  1. I too ♥ Jillian. I just moved and need to figure out a way to get a good workout in my smaller living room. We'll see ...

  2. She also has a nice set that includes 20 minute workouts and they area a killer. Its nice when you are short on time but need to get something in!