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Pre-100 lbs

I was never one of those girls who looked at herself in the mirror and saw a heavy person reflected back.  I always felt good, happy and comfortable in my own skin.  I always felt like I was the life of the party.

Happy hour was my friend and I lived for weekends out dancing, brunching with the girls and living like any 20something year-old would.    I talk to friends now who look at photographs of me back in the pre-weight loss days and they always say that the never saw my girth, only the girl underneath all the layers.

When I began to shed the pounds, I had convinced myself that the goal was not about gaining confidence, I already felt I had an abundance of that.  It was not about a quest to fulfill something missing in my life or to find happiness.  I was already happy enough.
I had settled on the fact that I did not want to go up another size, from an 18 to a 20.  I knew it was not healthy and knew that I wanted to pass on a different kind of mindset to any future family I would have.  I knew that I could not continue the climb beyond the 220 lbs I had become. 

The truth though... the real honest truth, is that something unexpected happened.  I found someone inside of all that masked confidence who I had merely dreamed of existing.  As the pounds came off, I sort of became the person I wanted to be, not the one I forced out into the world.  I became my vision of myself...I became a better vision of myself. 

I began taking greater risks and pushing to accomplish things I never thought possible.  When I hit 180 lbs I did a triathlon, then I did a marathon.  I went skydiving, started hiking and began doing a series of half marathons.  I began educating myself in nutrition and health, taking classes and reading every book on the subject I could find.  And now, I'm addicted.  In the process and over the years, I met a new me who shines from the release of all the excess cells that were once fighting to gain fat mass in my body.  Okay, technically the cells are still there...they just are not as full as they once used to be.

Along the way, I started a company with my partner focused on producing large scale gourmet food and wine experiences.  Talk about tough!  In my business staying current with food trends is a must,  and keeping up on chefs and new restaurants necessary.

What is exciting about this for me is that I have the tools and education to make smart choices when I'm in these environments.  I can indulge once in a while and know the key to balancing my passion for my profession and my passion for my health.

As of this moment, I am five pounds away from reaching the Mighty 100.  I will get there and when I do, we're celebrating.