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Sunday, August 29, 2010

M.I.A., Work LIfe Balance

I have been missing in action for about a week and a half and frankly beating myself up a bit each night that I flop into bed too exhausted to post to Fitness & The Foodie.  Work and all the obligations that go along with being passionately and purposefully focused on our business' growth has, unfortunately, resulted in any spare time sucked into a vortex of dinners, sponsor events, and long hours at the office.

The little voice inside my head sometimes screams a bit too loudly that I should be able to juggle it, 12-hour workdays, time with friends, my husband, my dog and home, post and keep up with projects for Fitness & The Foodie, make time for hobbies and learning, eat right, make healthy meals five times a day, keep my closet organized, my car clean, my nails polished, my garden green and beautiful.

I've told her to shut up, the voice in my head.  I've gagged her and put her in my closet for a time out and may not open the door for her for awhile, if ever. 

So while she sits in my closet and thinks about her behavior, I'm going to do my best to post as often as I can with information I think is relevant, interesting and useful.  Please forgive me if I miss a night, or two and on rare occasion a bit longer.

Rather than go on and on with my own rant about balance, I thought I'd try to find a good piece on the subject and came across this article on 10 Principles for Successful Work-Life Balance which contains some great tips! Since I LOVE my work and have great fun while doing it the line is often blurred, causing my plate and my cup to runneth over. 

What tips do you have for work-life balance?  Email me and I'll share with F&TF readers!

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