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Monday, August 2, 2010

Upside Down

I trained with Mike this morning and focused on upper body.  On my way (at O'Dark Thirty), I managed to get in a cup of hot black coffee and a Greens + Protein Bar.

I get a lot of questions about my training with Mike so I've managed to twist his arm to help out with Fitness & The Foodie.  Every Monday, starting next week, Mike will explain an exercise that we are working on and the purpose it serves.  Today, though, I just kept getting a head rush.  Maybe I was spending too much time upside down doing shoulder presses?

After my workout I went home and did a little bit of careful planning for my day.  A business lunch and Happy Hour with coworkers can mean disaster for me if I go into either super hungry.  So I gathered two snacks and headed to work.

Snack #1:

I'm addicted to egg whites right now so for a late morning snack I made an Orowheat sandwich with egg whites and avocado and a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese.

I was so thankful I ate this as my business lunch was at Harry's, land of big pasta and bigger steak sandwiches.

I did not manage to take a picture (oops!) and, since I was not starving, I was able to feel really happy ordering a simple salad with a flattened salmon steak.  No dressing, just balsamic vinegar.  I only ate about half and took the rest back to work for our chop licking lab, Hunter.

Snack #2

On my way to Happy Hour I ate a huge pear, six almonds and half a stick of string cheese, which totally did the trick, allowing me to avoid temptation at the bar!

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