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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Push Up To Ball Roll

I get a lot of questions about my training with Mike and most are about the equipment we work with or the torture exercises he puts me through.  Each week, we will highlight one exercise and Mike will give me details about it to share with you.  Here's this week's Push Up To A Ball Roll which we did in Monday morning's session.
The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen and build the upper back, chest, shoulder and arm muscles while engaging the core muscles of the lower back, abdominal wall, the glutes and hamstring complex.  This exercise challenges the whole body as well as working our stabilizers for balance.  This is a moderate to advanced exercise but can be modified for beginners.

Mike Rouillard
Superior Personal Fitness

Start with your hands on the ground, feet on the ball, in a plank position:

Bend arms so you move down into a push up

As you push up, bring your knees in so you get a little abdominal crunch

Push legs back out until you are back in a plank position, repeat!

Or, if you want more of a challenge, you can add a Bosu to this move:


  1. I love ball pushups! Adding the Bosu helps build core strength as well as working on balance...great for women my age. (50+)

    Your food and fitness posts are awesome!

  2. Thanks for following Candace! I'm a huge Bosu fan and love the strength it has given me!