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Monday, August 2, 2010

New Beginnings, Farewell Evan!

We met tonight at Rock Bottom Brewery to say good-bye to our teammate Evan who started with the company as an intern and morphed into a media guru and valued member of the Fast Forward Events family.  When Ken and I started the company I knew that transition with staff was just part of the gig and I was not sure how I would react when it started to happen.   I'm actually just proud to see Evan pursue his passion and to know that we helped give him tools to accomplish great things in the next phase of his career. 

There was plenty of temptation and the Sangria looked great, but I was able to resist, ordered sparkling water and watch the others munch on dip, chips, shrimp and rolled tacos.

It was a fun way to end the day and Evan's tenure with us.  There is great reward in mentoring and I feel lucky to have such a special group of young professionals to work with.  Mary, Joyce, Jessica, Evan and Ashley are all a huge part of the story of our company and instrumental in helping to write its chapters.

Good luck with your new beginning Evan!

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