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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Boogie Shoes

Bootcamp on Saturday has been starting at 8:00 so that we escape the heat, somebody I think forgot to tell the sun that.  We roasted last Saturday but had a great workout with back-to-back drills working everything!

Mike's wife Norma is one of my fitness inspirations.  One of these days, my legs will look like that!

My bootcamp teammates indulged me in a photo op after the workout.  Man we were beat!

After bootcamp, I headed for an iced latte and got a little life affirmation along the way.  I'm always snapping pictures of bumper stickers, funny signs, cool billboards, and could not resist this.  I know I should not have been doing this while driving but I could not help it!

It is way past time for new running shoes.  This trusty pair has taken me through two 1/2 marathons, endless runs with Becki, and more workouts with Mike than I can imagine.

I finally broke down and headed to RoadRunner Sports to find my new boogie shoes.

I'm SUCH an easy target.  The minute I walked in a very enthusiastic salesperson started talking to me about the ShoeDog adventure.  An analysis of my run, the arch of my foot, and the way I place weight on my feet to customize my new shoe insole, all designed of course for my optimal comfort and foot health.  I took the bait...Hook, Line, and Sinker.

I started by standing on a cushy platform that showed my weight distribution on my feet, or, as they say, the 3D Paw Reading:

Which gave them this view of my tootsies.  I guess I was pretty clueless over the fact that I have a high arch.

After that, I hopped on the treadmill and ran barefoot for a bit so that Tony could see if I pronated my knees and ankles.  Fortunately, he said I had a pretty normal stride.

After a few measurements, Tony custom molded my new insoles and recommended I stick with the neutral line of running shoes.  Even with narrowing it all down, I still had a ton of options.

But finally got down to my top three picks of Nikes, Mizuno and Saucony.  Roadrunner has a 60 day return policy, which takes the guess work out of the purchase.  I took the Mizunos and the Nikes, will try them out and if either don't work, I can bring them back!

So far, the Mizunos have been great and after a couple of runs have made a HUGE difference in my knee pain. 

Roadrunner Sports
5553 Copley Drive
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 974-4455

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