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Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day At The Races

Friday afternoon, Ken and I took Mary and Joyce to an industry conference, which really was just an excuse to take part in the Day at the Del Mar Races the association hosted following lunch and the keynote.  For Mary and Joyce this was a first so we had to quickly get up to speed on the whole betting thing.

My strategy?  Go with the horse withe best name.  Unfortunately, this tactic did not work so well for me this time!


Mary won!  Beginners luck!

The event was catered but of course it was not exactly healthy.  

 I grabbed a bit of bean dip, veggies and olives for a snack and steered clear of the chips, channeling a bit of will power.

 Somehow, my plate just did not do it for me.  Good thing I was distracted by the horses!

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