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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chile Stuffed Sweet Potato

After my workout and walk with Hunter I needed an easy, healthy dinner to put together so I grabbed Amy's Organic Chile and made stuffed sweet potatoes topped with lowfat cheddar.  Half a sweet potato, 1/3 cup of chile and cheese is only 184 calories and is packed full of great nutrients!

Here are some of the benefits of the sweet potato from North Carolina Sweet Potatoes:

The Vegetable with Super Food Powers

Did you know that…

  • One cup of cooked sweet potatoes provides 1,922 mcg_RAE of beta carotene (Vitamin A).
    It would take 16 cups of broccoli to provide the same amount.

  • Sweet potatoes have four times the US Recommended Daily Allowance (USRDA) for beta-carotene when eaten with the skin on.

  • Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin E, and they are virtually fat-free, which makes them a real Vitamin E standout. Most Vitamin E rich foods, such as vegetable oils, nuts and avocados, contain a hefty dose of fat.

  • Just two thirds of a cup of sweet potatoes provides 100% of the USRDA for Vitamin E, without the unwanted fat.

  • Sweet potatoes provide many other essential nutrients including Vitamin B6, potassium and iron.

  • Sweet potatoes are a good source of dietary fiber which helps to promote a healthy digestive tract. Sweet potatoes have more fiber than oatmeal.

  • Sweet potatoes are a complex carbohydrate which means they digest more slowly than white potatoes and therefore will not cause your blood sugar to spike.

  • Sweet potatoes are virtually fat-free, cholesterol-free and very low in sodium. One cup (200 grams) of cooked sweet potatoes has 180 calories. 

    Of course, dinner included a salad (as most of our dinners do), but instead of dressing I topped with lots of veggies and homemade vinegar from my friend Jolee.  So good!

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