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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Exhale Mind Body Spa (correction)

It may have been a subconsciously intentional miskey but in my last post I said I was looking forward to a couple of "god" workouts instead of "good" workouts.  While yoga can be intensely spiritual, I thought it best to repost.  Thanks!

You may remember that this past weekend I spent three days in the Los Angeles Marriott in a workshop and before leaving had set out a plan of attack to make sure I had both healthy options to eat and opportunity to get in a couple of good workouts.

Saturday morning, Jolee and I got up super early and drove to Venice to Exhale Mind Body Spa for yoga!  I had visited Exhale in New York when the folks at Passport to Prana had sent me their card to try.  I fell in love with this studio so when I found out that they had one only a few miles from our hotel this past weekend we were sold!

The studio attracted an eclectic mix of people in all age ranges for the Yoga 2 class.  What a workout!  For an hour and a half we moved from one position to the next and after more Downward Dogs than I can count I left completely buzzing.  Yoga, and this class in particular is a mixture of strength, cardio, and meditation and total body awareness that I don't get with my other workouts.




Its been awhile since I took a yoga class like this so my shoulders really felt it the next day.  So now I'm ready for a good massage AND ready to commit to a yoga studio in San Diego to continue the practice! 

245 South Main Street
Venice, CA  90291
Phone: 310 450 7676
Fax: 310 450 7879

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