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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chef Art Smith, The Barefoot Contessa, Chef Rick Bayless

The Fancy Food Show is a monolith of chocolates, cheeses, crackers, candies, popcorn and more pouring out from row upon gourmet filled row.  With only one day to make my way through the tradeshow and more products than I could possibly see, I had to be really strategic in my planning, heading for exhibits that would be a fit for The Gourmet Experience, Editor Showcase, and of course fun, new products that hit home with my Fitness & The Foodie philosophy.  Get ready for a mega product review coming over the next few weeks!

We were asked not to take pictures of booths or products so I did my best to honor that.  I couldn't help though snapping photos with the star chefs I met along the way.  I have to say, Chef Art Smith was charming and took a lot of time to talk to me about the events we produce, our shared passion for health and wellness, and new lives after having lost nearly 100 lbs.

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