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Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Whirl

I was a total homebody this weekend and Michael and I spent Friday and Saturday night at home to recharge the batteries, which were running pretty low on juice I've gotta say.  I don't know how it happened but in my zapped energy state I managed to still make a few really good meals, get in my workouts, help Michael in the yard, take another WSET class, and do pizza night on the grill with friends!

This week's WSET class took us through a basic understanding of different grape varietals and their major regions of production.  Let me just say, I've got a LOT of memorizing to do!

Ken, Joyce, Me and Mary trying to figure it all out.  I think we tasted about 15 wines that day!

After a day of studying and confusing myself over which part of Bordeaux grows more Merlot and which grows more Cabernet, I decided I needed a movie night at home with the boys.  Michael and I have been on a bit of an old movie kick and had just gotten The Great Gatsby int he mail from Netflix.  I'd read the book eons ago in high school but had never seen the movie, which was great but I was slightly annoyed by Mia Farrow's voice.  Maybe that was part of the point?


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