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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Working Out While Away

Tomorrow morning is going to come very early!  I'm headed out of town for the weekend and will be in Los Angeles for three days of education in a hotel ballroom.  That means that for the next three days I'll be sitting on my duff, listening to lectures for 8 hours on end.  That also means that I had to force myself to make it to my training tonight with Mike and also need to make sure I'm up early enough to get in my workout tomorrow before a full day of being sedentary.

So, part of my weekend workout plan is to:

  • Make it to spin Friday morning by 6:00 a.m. 
  • Either hit the hotel gym before class starts on Saturday and Sunday OR, if I can, make use of my Passport to Prana card and visit a studio in Los Angeles with an early morning class
  • Enlist Jolee, who is traveling with me on this trip, to workout too...there is safety in numbers!
  • I'm taking my laptop and my Exhale Fitness DVD just in case both of the above fail me
  • Take healthy snacks with me.  I have not started packing yet so I'll let you know tomorrow what makes its way into the bag I plan to work hard so that while we are in town I also get to go out to some fun hot spots for a great dinner or two

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