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Monday, June 21, 2010

Angel Flight

While it was great to get in some R&R and visit our friends, the real purpose for the stop in Discovery Bay was to connect with a pilot completing the first leg of an Angel Flight mission and then transport the passenger from Byron to Riverside.  Our Angel Flight passenger was a charismatic high school student who had just completed his junior year, on his way to visit his grandparents to be fitted for new leg braces.

He relished in the opportunity to show off recent prom pictures and also jumped at the chance to ride in the cockpit as Michael's co-pilot.

Details about our passenger are not able to be disclosed but I'd like to share with you that the amount of adversity he has faced both through his physical disability and the added pressures of coping with them as a teenager are cause for him to be anything but the joyful, optimistic, teen he is.  I left his presence inspired and grateful to have met him, and so proud of Michael and his business partner and company for donating time and resources to this cause.

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  1. Michelle-- I love this. Great to see something that most people would deem such a luxury/hobby as the plane, doing something so great & honorable. I hope to do that with my horses someday soon. Hugs to both of you for being such special people. ~~B