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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Radio Silence

Okay, okay.  I deserve the award for worst blogger of the year.  Hello, my name is Michelle, and it has been four days since my last post.  In my defense I have been:
  • Celebrating hubby's birthday
  • Planning Celebrity Chef Luncheon with Chef Bernard Guillas
  • Training with the Evil Training Monster
  • Traveling to NYC for Fancy Food Show
  • Picking up great new product to feature on Fitness & The Foodie 
  • Attending Chuao Chocolates "Arousing the Senses" Scotch and Chocolate Pairing
  • In meetings with Wine Enthusiast Magazine
  • In meetings with the James Beard House
  • Doing Core Workout thanks to Passport to Prana
  • Fitting in workouts however I can
Its so nice to be missed and I really want to thank everyone who contacted me wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth or into a food induced coma. It was a challenge to post each day while on my trip, next time, I'll be sure to warn when I go dark for a couple of days!

I'm in the airport now with my flight boarding back to San Diego so we will catch up fully later tonight, I have so much to share!  First, here is a little highlight from Michael's birthday last Friday:

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