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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spin Class vs Hunter

Last night, my plan was to come home, drop off Hunter, and head to the gym for a hard core Spin Class workout.  Dressed and ready to go, keys in my hand, I look back and see this.

Now, I should know better than to ever pose what was intended to be an internal monologue audibly in the form of a question to my dog.  Hunter, you want to go for a walk?

Oops!  I mean, later, go for a walk later.  If you have ever tried to rationalize with your dog, you know that it rarely if ever works.  I tried all kinds of bargaining, promised a longer walk and treats if I could only go to Spin first.  But this is what I got.

So, we went on a walk and I skipped the gym. 

But instead of me walking Hunter, he walked me.

We did a long power walk for 45 minutes with a few distractions that slowed us down from time to time.

But it felt good to spend a bit of time with my boy...I totally made his night.

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