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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Convertible Love

The first brand new car I ever purchased (okay, the ONLY brand new car I've ever purchased), is a 2000 Ford Mustang convertible.  I was just out of college, working as a marketing director in the scuba diving industry, single and on-the-move!  I wanted a zippy statement car that said something like, "Move over world, here I come," but also one that allowed me to work on my tan at the same time.

I still have the Stang.  I could not let her go though I have moved on to a more practical every day vehicle.  On days like yesterday however, she gets to shine like the San Diego sun.  So with Hunter in the back, top down, and tunes a cranking, Michael and I left the office for an iced coffee and a wind-in-our-hair ride home.

Hunter loves the wind part.

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