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Friday, June 11, 2010

Harney Heaven

Today was full of of reconnecting with cherished friends who I don't get to see often enough.  I met up with Ditas and Rachel, talented ladies from my public relations days, at Harney Sushi in Old Town San Diego.  Harney has one of the most gifted chefs in the city at its helm and I won't be surprised if we start seeing more about Chef Anthony Sinsay.

Harney is so much more that sushi.  The menu is filled with creative "inventions" by Sinsay like Dr. Pepper Steak or the re-imagined take on Pad Thai the chef treated us to.

Rachel and I launched ourselves into a plate of the spicy edamame while we waited for Ditas to arrive.

Chef Sinsay was a wonderful host and wanted us to try some of his signature dishes.  The chef brought out Smoked Tofu with Housemade Kimchee which the girls and I really enjoyed.  The smoke flavor on the Tofu was present but not too overpowering, balancing well with the tartness of the Kimchee.

In between the Tofu and our entrees the chef also treated us to his take on Pad Thai.  I'll update and share the description tomorrow as I want you to have the detail direct from the chef.  It was that good.  We devoured the dish and even though only a few remnants remained we would not let them take the plate from the table.

I ordered the Tuna Lovers lunch special with a Spicy Tuna Roll (I asked them to do mine without rice), tuna maki and tuna sushi.

It came with Miso Soup and a Salad.

Chef Sinsay came out for a visit and to see how we liked the meal.  (Note, that I will be adding this to my chef photo collection!).

Great lunch with the girls.  Little business, lots of catching up, and needing to make sure we don't go so long until the next time we see each other again.

Thanks Ladies!

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