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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Attack of the Chile Cheese Dog

Last night Kevin and Steve (our friends with Just My Ticket), invited us to their box to watch the Padres at Petco Park.  They were very gracious and had the game catered complete with a fridge stocked with beer and water, and an endless supply of ballpark food, where I was nearly fatally attacked by a Chile Cheese Dog.  Here is my play-by-play:
  1. Arrive at stadium, greet Kevin and Steve
  2. Walk into room and notice beautiful view of stadium
  3. Quickly spot ballpark food buffet and, yes, the make your own chile cheese dog
  4. Avert eyes and distract myself with conversation
  5. Visit said chile cheese dog just to "smell" it
  6. Talk about chile cheese dog with Jolee
  7. Somehow make it through to 9th inning
  8. Visit buffet one more time, just to look but chile cheese dog had been removed
  9. Crisis averted

Fortunately, what helped avoid disaster on the ballpark buffet is that I had planned ahead and brought my own dinner to munch on.  I made a turkey sandwich with lettuce, cucumber and hummus on Ezekiel bread.  Jolee had the same idea!

I also brought along a bag of veggies.  These tomatoes are so sweet they almost taste like candy.  Almost.

And a bag of 100 calorie Kettle Corn from Trader Joe's.  There's nothing funny on the ingredient list, everything is a whole food which is hard to find in a snack food.  This was great at curing my sweet tooth!

It was a great night even though the Padres lost and we had a 5.9 earthquake! 

I was home and off to bed.  This morning I'll be on the CW's San Diego Living program promoting the launch of ticket sales for the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival.  If we get the clip, I'll try to post!

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