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Monday, June 7, 2010

Arm Day

It was arm day with the E.T.M. (Evil Training Monster) and after an hour of blasting my chest, triceps and biceps I left his gym barely able to lift my arms over my head, which made showering and washing my hair this morning very interesting.

Before heading to Mike's I ate two quick pieces of Ezekiel toast with organic peanut butter.

We started with a bit of core exercises.  Remember the "flag poles" I wrote about last week?  Well, this is it.  It is hard to stabilize on the ball let alone do the leg lifts.  My obliques are killing me!

Then on to some arm action:

Blood rushing to my head.   Evil. Training. Monster.

And yes, a rock climbing wall.  His ceilings are short so you can only do about two levels.   After the first couple of runs I was actually getting a little cocky.  Me, rock climb, no sweat!  Let me tell you,  after going up, down to the ground, and up again about 10 times my arms started to scream and I pretty much begged for him to let me stop.

But he didn't.

Biceps and triceps to finish.

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