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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Super Secret Girl Night

Let me start by saying that I am very excited to have Michael home tonight.  He has been on a long trip in D.C. and it will be great to have him home.  Last night however was my long overdue "girl's" night at home alone.  I think all of us can probably relate, whether male or female, kids or no kids, to the appeal of having one solid night of solitude to do absolutely anything you want.

So tonight, after my walk with Hunter, I came home and made myself an iced coffee.  Okay, a slow start to girl's night but still, I love iced coffee in the afternoon.

Then, I checked in on my garden, which has surprisingly provided me with a wonderful calm in my otherwise on-the-go life.  Michael thinks I'm nuts because I go out to the garden every morning and every day when I come home to look at the changes.  I have blooms on the tomatoes, blossoms on the zucchini and rows of micro greens from the lettuces.  I'm in love with this gardening thing!

Yep, that's a squash blossom.  Beautiful right!  I especially love them stuffed with goat cheese and deep fried but I'm going for a healthier, kinder garden and will let this one grow into the squash it wants to be.

And my baby lettuce.  I was actually sad to clip these but quickly got over it.  They were so yummy in my salad!

After time in my garden, I moved on to the next mini indulgence.  Online shopping.  Let me just say, GILT Group is awesome!  I did not buy anything tonight but did plenty of window shopping.

Dinner was totally no fuss.  I microwaved a Cedar Lane low fat Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito.  All organic, and great topped with a little Fage and salsa!

And of course, a salad.

With a bit of watermelon to cure my sweet tooth.

Next guilty pleasure on girl's night?  Top Chef.  Back, to back, to back episodes followed by the season kickoff.  I'm a Top Chef addict and could watch the episodes again and again, no matter how many times I've seen them.  And, best yet?  We scooped Top Chef and featured Chef Kenny Gilbert at the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival.  Oh yeah, we discovered him first!

During commercial breaks I did what a lot of women do when their husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends are away.  I covered my face in a mad scientist mix of beauty products promising to bring out my youthful glow.  I've tried to do facials while Michael is home but he always looks at me like I'm some alien creature who has invaded his wife's body.  Better to do this when he is gone.

Hunter, however, thought I had lost my mind.

Top Chef over, clean pretty skin, and an evening of puttering around online I finally settled in to finish traffic school.  I got a bogus ticket for "rolling" through a stop sign which apparently is not actually safe.  I tried talking (flirting), my way out of it with the cop but it did not work.  For the record, online traffic school is a great way to fall asleep fast!

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