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Thursday, June 3, 2010

German Chocolate Ding Dong

After the taping, Ken and I were starving and decided to meet up with Jolee and Michael at an authentic Mexico City cuisine restaurant in La Mesa called Ranas.

Its one of those places that has a menu worth working your way through, each time you visit trying something new.  But first, a photo op!

I had the Diablo Chicken and yes, it was muy diablo.  The sauce was so spicy and this coming from a girl who likes hot food!

I ate two corn tortillas filled with the chicken and sauce but no leftovers this time.  Michael finished the rest.  Jolee and I decided that it was only right for us to test out the flan so we took the waiter's recommendation and went with the Kahlua topped option.

We took one small bite each and decided it was not worth the calories. 

I do have a confession however.

So, despite the fact that Michael said he was going to take the GCDD (German. Chocolate. Ding. Dong.) to work this morning, he didn't.  He left it, sitting on the counter, calling my name.  The whole drive home I kept thinking, I wonder if he ate the Ding Dong.  Michael had been home for a couple of hours waiting for me so I knew this was a possibility but still, I held out hope that maybe there would be a bite left for me.

There it was, on the counter, the pink box.  And inside, a half eaten German. Chocolate. Ding. Dong.  My sweet, sweet husband had saved it just for me.  I took a bite and yes, it was worth the calories.  That was all I needed, no more.  Just a bite.  Michael finished the rest and now I can head to bed totally satisfied.

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