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Monday, June 21, 2010

Evil Training Monster Lives

Today meant back to reality, back to work, and back to serious fitness with the Evil Training Monster.  I missed two big workouts that I normally do over the weekend both with the E.T.M. and my usual kickboxing class at the gym.  With only two days until we weigh in for this week's Game On score, I really have to dial the fitness back in so I pushed myself tonight as hard as I could without passing out.

It was a great workout tonight but my camera in Mike (the ETM's) hands is dangerous.  I'm totally busted!

Tonight is taco night!  We made turkey tacos with black beans and I had mine on lettuce wraps instead of corn tortillas.  It is the perfect post-workout dinner!

Spin class is at 6:00 am and that is going to come super early.  I'm off to bed! 

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