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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plannus Interruptis

Its Tuesday morning and that means one thing.  Time for Spin.  Coffee was set for the wrong time so I snoozed on the couch while the good stuff brewed.  After delaying the inevitable, I made my way to the pot for a good kick in the butt and tried to talk myself into heading out into the dark toward the gym.

I procrastinated, checked email, had another cup of coffee, changed my gym shoes and finally drug myself to my car and pointed it east.  I fueled up with an Amazing Grass Green SuperFood bar on my way.

My slow going this morning led to major plannus interruptis and I missed getting into the Spin class by one seat.  Here comes the bargaining.  Maybe I'll just leave and work out over lunch.  I don't have my ipod nano, what will I work out to?  I really don't feel like getting on the treadmill, elliptical or butt master.  I hate it when my routine gets broken.  My rule, most of the time, is that once at the gym I will at least give myself 20 minutes to get into the groove.  If after that I'm still not feeling it, I leave.  So, I jumped on the elliptical and started ellipticalling away the minutes.

Of course, the machine I was on conveniently had been placed right outside the Spin room, the cyclists inside teasing me with their promptness.  I decided to play a little game and do my elliptical workout to the pace of the cycling class.  When the instructor said to increase the intensity, I upped my resistance.  When the bikers were racing on a downhill, I raced with them.  I made it the whole hour and burned a ton of calories.  The folks in spin probably think I'm a lunatic but it really helped the time go by!

After the workout, I needed a snack.  I threw together a quick breakfast bowl of Fage, berries and ground flax.

And headed to the polls!

I had already decided yesterday that I wanted to use my leftover Oregon's Choice gourmet albacore to make melts for lunch.

I used:
  • Orowheat Sandwich Round
  • 1/2 can of Oregon's Choice Gourmet Albacore
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Guacamole
  • 1 slice of low fat Swiss Cheese
I toasted the melts for about six minutes then added a dollop of guacamole to each.  I think next time I'll do avocado instead of guac.

I had errands to run before meeting Marti and Lisa for dinner at Banker's Hill so I grabbed a pear for the road.

And an iced coffee.  I need to kick this habit!

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