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Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching Up!

Well, our big plans to spend the weekend on the water in Discovery Bay with friends Shirley and Raz were literally blown out the window.  The winds were so bad all weekend we had to abort and move on to "Plan B" which started with breakfast out Saturday Morning at the Byron Cafe.  This was one of those no frills mornings where we pretty much brushed our teeth, washed our faces and ran out the door.

I ordered a veggie egg white omelet with spinach, mushrooms, tomato and zucchini with a side of fruit and rye toast.  I asked for it dry but it came lathered in butter which was a huge bummer.

 Michael ordered biscuits and gravy and I had to sneak a bite they were so good!

After breakfast, we left the guys and went on a girl's excursion to the Farmer's Market.  The produce was beautiful with everything from eggplant and cherries to nectarines and the largest daikon radishes I think I've ever seen.

With Game On we are allowed one day "free" which means that throughout the day you a free to deviate from the fitness challenge's rules.  It is a day taken off from exercise, from the structure of how we eat, and from the ban on alcohol.  For me, this meant being able to taste my way through the Farmer's Market, which I was all to happy to do!

I tasted a spicy roasted red pepper pasta sauce that had, I think, about 80 cloves of garlic in it.  For me, the more garlic, the better!

This meant though that I needed something to balance the aftertaste and thankfully this blackberry pie landed in my hand.  The crust was so good the company actually bags and sells mini bites of it.  I bought two bags of the crust coated with cinnamon and sugar. My only hope is that Michael eats them before I get the urge!

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