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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dirty Martini, Extra Olives

I have been told that you should love people, and not things.  To this point, I am fortunate to have an over abundance of people and animals in my life to love.  Also to this point, I struggle to find any other way to describe my fondness for dirty martinis other than pure, olive infused love.

As you know, my friends and I have enlisted for another round of Game On which severely limits how often I am able to visit my friend the martini.  Last night however, after our run, I totally indulged.

Shirley, Raz and Michael opted for the Stella.

We started with a couple of appetizers.  I preferred the Ahi over the crab cake but both were pretty tasty. A bite of each was plenty for me, I was as I've said all about the martini.   I've been joking about how long it would take me to forget my camera, well, I finally did it.  I'm sorry about the photo quality but this night they were all taking with my iphone!

I also had the beet salad, without dressing, opting for just balsamic vinegar.  This is my go to when 1) there are not any healthy dressings to pick from and 2) I'd rather be getting my calories in a clear glass containing vodka and olive juice.

And the cedar planked salmon.  I told them to hold on the cream sauce and I was really glad.  The salmon was great without it!

It was a great night with our friends but the day had taken its toll on us.  We were off to bed early and looking forward to a day of sunshine in Discovery Bay.

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