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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Leg Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone

T.G.I.T!  I can't believe it is already Thursday.  The week has flown by and, looking at my calendar, it does not seem like things will slow any time soon.  Busy is as busy does.  And I seem to do busy pretty well. There are some new, exciting projects in the works for Fitness & The Foodie, and for the team at Fast Forward Events.  I have a lot to look forward to but more immediately, plans were put in place today for an upcoming trip to NYC for the Fancy Food Show and mini vacation with friends to Seattle this summer.  More on both of those later!

I was not very hungry this morning (unusual, I know), so I had a quick bowl of berries, Fage and flax oil.

Ken and I worked through lunch on our website for the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival (T minus five days and counting until we launch ticket sales!).  I was craving Avo's, a Greek restaurant in La Mesa and a quick five minutes from Ken's home office.  They also have a location downtown which I need to make my way to.  I gave the pita bread to the dogs (its tasty but not on the Game On Plan) and used Galeos dressing instead of the oil and vinegar.

Thursday night training with Mike, the Evil Training Monster as I fondly refer to him, usually is leg night.  Its always hard, and it always hurts, but tonight was just grueling.  I love working out and love getting strong but tonight, Mike was just mean.  I could feel every muscle in my legs screaming under the stress of the movements and I kept thinking, lunge after lunge, that my leg bone, (which hurt like hell), is connected to my knee bone, (which felt like jello), and that's connected to my thigh bone (I was certain it was about to atrophy) and so on.

We went from lunges on the Bosu, to a variety of kicks on the bag (side and front, oh, and with more lunges mixed in).

I knew the E.T.M. had read about dinner last night.  The extra lunges were probably for the cobbler I ate.  I left his gym sore, exhausted, and wanting to make obscene gestures at the door on my way out.  Still, last nights dinner was so worth the hour of torture.

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