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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rita Meets A Turtle

I fully intended to come home and do some work after Boot Camp but that plan got foiled after Stephanie and Jolee invited me to tag along to City Farmer, where Rita, Ken and Jolee's Havanese, met her first turtle.

We grabbed a quick iced coffee for the road first!

Rita wasn't quite sure what to make of the turtle and the turtle REALLY did not know what to make of Rita.

It was a big day for such a tiny dog and included a near death encounter with the nursery's cat and friendlier moments with goats and baby chicks too.

After a detour to City Farmer, I settled in to work on Fitness & The Foodie.  I made a hearty Ezekiel, turkey, tomato, lettuce and cucumber sandwich to hold me over until dinner tonight.

We're getting together with Ken and Jolee, and members of our wedding party to preview the amazing images that we just got back from our photographer.  I'll have some recipes to post tomorrow morning and will pick a couple of my favorite wedding photos to share as well.

Next week, the wedding photo album will go up.  Stay tuned for the announcement!

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