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Saturday, June 12, 2010

You Can Move Faster Than That!

Ahhh Saturday how I love you!  Sleep In, Coffee, Breakfast, Boot Camp, City Farmer, Blog, Dinner at Ken and Jolee's, Tea, Bed.  

And I do love Saturday's but while I'd like to say that it is my favorite day of the week, I may have a little more fondness for Sunday.  On Sundays, I have nothing scheduled.  No plan, nowhere I have to be.  Wherever my day takes me, that's where I go.  I love having the option to ponder on what it is I am going to do with my day.  

But not today.  Today is Saturday, still wonderful for its own reasons.  Before I get too far ahead of myself and try to relish in them, I have to get through Boot Camp.

I made a quick breakfast of Ezekiel, Beveri Flax, Fage, Agave, Blackberries and strawberries.

And I headed for Mikes, who's theme today seemed to be "You Can Move Faster Than That."  I kept telling him that if I could move faster, I would move faster.  He didn't buy it.

So I jumped, faster, up and over the Bosu.

And I did faster reverse lunges to a pull down.

And I did overhead pull overs, faster.

And flashdances, which are horrible.   I did those faster too.

By the time we were done, I was over being nice and could not help getting a little even while we stretched.

On my way home I grabbed a Bora Bora Bar.  I buy these in bulk at Costco and make sure to have them on hand everywhere.  In my purse, my car, work and home.  They ring in between 180 and 190 calories, are organic and not packed with filler product.  The ingredient list is pretty simple.  This is one of my easy, go-to, post workout snacks.

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