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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Duck Heartbreak

Last night on our way to dinner I attempted my first ever duck rescue.  Momma duck and her two ducklings had raced across a very busy street causing the car in front of us to slow down, letting them pass.  The mom had no problem hopping the curb but the ducklings got stuck in the gutter and were too small to scale the the concrete.  I made Michael stop the car (yes, in the middle of the street), and jumped out hoping to catch the ducklings and scoot them up to safety.

Have you ever seen the video game, Frogger?  Well, that's what it was like as I ran back and forth in heels, in the middle of the street, trying to save ducklings that were deathly afraid of me.

I was able to help one but in the chaos the other darted across the street back to the middle island it came from.  Mom raced behind us and after multiple attempts I was finally able to get the other duckling out of the road.

Here is where my heartbreak comes in.  The mom and one duckling were on the island, the other duckling across the street in the bushes.  I looked to try to catch the separated duckling until cops came and told us to move the car out of the street.

My first post on Fitness & The Foodie was about my night of indulgence eating duck fat truffle french fries.  The irony is not lost on me and I'm left wondering for which act I should feel more guilty. 

Even with ducks on my mind I had to rally with Kickboxing starting at 9:30.  I had a quick breakfast of Bob's Red Mill Muesli.

One serving is never enough (only 1/4 of a cup) so I always make two for myself and today topped it with a handful of blueberries.

An hour and a half at the gym and I was craving an iced coffee.  It was already 82 degrees at 11:00 a.m. which meant I was going to roast working in the garden later.

Michael sent a text while I was in the gym saying he was starving which meant one of two things 1) Let's go get breakfast, or, 2) What do we have at home to eat?

I offered to make egg (white) breakfast sandwiches which helps me qualify for the wife of the year award and also eases my hunger.  Win, win.  I lightly grilled slices of Ezekiel bread with low fat Swiss cheese.

Sauteed red and yellow bell pepper and red onion.  (My reader who are chefs are cringing at my knife skills right now).

And made a huge pan of egg whites with pepper and thyme.

Michael had a full sandwich but I opted for half, served it open faced with slices of tomato and pineapple.  SO GOOD.

After breakfast (I guess that's breakfast #2 for me), I headed to the nursery for the final few things I needed to complete the garden.   Along the way, I made a stop at Harvest Ranch to pick up fish to make for dinner.

It is my favorite place when I'm in East San Diego to go to pick up fish and meat.  They tend to be pricey but the quality is excellent.

I picked up two fillets of Wild Alaskan Salmon  and headed home to finish up the garden.

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