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Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Hour!

Tonight, Michael and I met up with friends at Savannah Grill in Rancho San Diego.  Our friend Linda moved up north and is in town for a visit.  We never really need an excuse for Happy Hour but its more festive when one like friends visiting town come with the package!

Since we are playing Game On, I was not allowed alcohol tonight.  NEVER fun when you are meeting friends for Happy Hour.  My "go to" drink on nights like this is soda and a splash of grapefruit.  Makes me feel like I'm drinking a Greyhound 1) without the booze, 2) without the calories and 3) without the potential for a hangover.

As an aside, I've had a couple of people ask me to explain Game On a bit better so I'll focus on that in tomorrow's post.

I ordered a grilled fish taco (no cheese, sauce on the side), and the chicken lettuce wraps to split with Jolee.  I know that when I omit this, or take off that, I am not getting the dish how the chef intended.  Still, I did not love my taco.   I'm sure it would have been great had I kept the cheese and piled on the Ranch Dressing. 

The chicken lettuce wraps were yummy though I was too busy talking to eat.

Ken, on the other hand, seemed pretty happy with his carne asada tacos.

Another great night with good friends:  Ken, Jolee, Lori, Anthony, Linda, Mark and my honey.

No workout today which means tomorrow will be brutal.  Its Boot Camp with the Evil Training Monster.  My saving grace is that I will be there in a pack instead of training alone.  There is safety in numbers!  I just have to make sure I'm not the baby gazelle that falls behind.  They always seem to get it.

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