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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Best Egg White Omelet Ever

Friday, June 18

Before leaving the house to take my test for Traffic School I took advantage of the morning home with Michael to make breakfast.  Omelets and I have not been so simpatico and more often than not turn out more like a scramble than the perfect half circle egg heaven they are supposed to be.   So I've made it my mission to 1) make the perfect egg white omelet and 2) be able to whip up this breakfast in about 15 minutes.  Yesterday, I finally got it right!

I heated the pan under medium high heat and sprayed it with olive oil.  Once heated, I poured in about 1/2 a container of egg whites.  When the bottom of the whites started to firm, I lifted it lightly on the sides and tilted the pan so that the runny parts went under the cooked egg.  Repeat this a few times until you have very little, if any, runny egg white on top.  Here's the part where it usually becomes a scramble for me.  Take the spatula and run it along the edges and under the egg to loosen, then lift and flip.

Once flipped, if not covered in the egg, layer in your ingredients on one half of the omelet.  In yesterday's omelet, I put two slices of low fat provolone, sliced tomato and grilled onion, salt, pepper and thyme.  I took about 1/3 of the omelet for myself and served with berries, 1/2 of an Orowheat sandwich round with a little bit of peanut butter.

If you happen to be an advanced omelet chef then hopefully you can appreciate what a victory this is for me.  If you struggle like I have then my advice is to keep trying.  It was totally worth all the egg-failure to get to this perfect little creation!

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